Gamescom: Mass Effect 2 PS3 cover art/ no exclusive DLC?

Here’s the cover art for the once 360 exclusive Mass Effect 2, which will be hitting PS3 January 2011. Nothing to major, it’s the exact same artwork seen on the stand edition of the game. This leads me to wonder if PS3 will be getting any exclusive content at all. This leads me to believe that the only dlc available will be the ones already on xbox live. Oh well at least now we can enjoy this game on PS3!

And yeah, even though I already beat this game on 360 when it came out earlier this year, I’m still going to be purchasing this ps3 version.

(The above image was seen on Destructoid)

3 Responses to “Gamescom: Mass Effect 2 PS3 cover art/ no exclusive DLC?”


  2. Mass Effect 2 was never a 360 exclusive

  3. LULZ @ Lulz. Get a kleenex.

    Also, same goes to the PS3 owners who bitched when FFXIII went multiplatform.

    Exclusive first party content, third party games for all!

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