Metroid Other M Countdown: Day 14

Ah yes, memories. When that trailer was shown at the end of Nintendo’s E3 09′ conference I was completeley blown away. Not just by the actual contents of the trailer and what it indicated for this new (yet old-school) take on the classic franchise but I was blown away and taken completely off guard because honestly…I wasn’t expecting a Metroid announcement!

Thank God there was one, because while I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy that press conference was sort of lacking. It came to no surprise to me that this became my personal highlight of the whole of e3 09′. Yeah I’m a huge Metroid fan. While I will admit that I got into the series by way of the Prime trilogy. Then I desperately sought out to play the classics and thank God for the Wii’s virtual console service for allowing me to do just that. Flash forward and now Super Metroid is one of my all-time favorite games.

When the trailer started I was thinking more like ” OH SHIT IT’S KID ICARUS1!!1!!” but then the scene quickly went to space and then I had a nerdgasm. But really, the trailer really pumped me up and made the long wait even harder to endure. This game seemed to present one thing I’ve always wished was more present in the Metroid games: a bigger spotlight on the narrative. Yeah I know Metroid is all about exploring and being isolated, but seriously Other M just looks epic in terms of story. I can’t wait to see what ramifications the baby metroid and Mother Brain have on narrative.

Another thing to note from this trailer was the depiction of Samus traversing the world on (what seemed at the time) a 2D plane. That made me even more hyped for this title. A Super Metroid sequel done in a side scrolling fashion? Hell yes. But then we learned that this wouldn’t exactly be the case and that the game is a fully 3d 3rd person adventure with some segments gluing you to a 2d plane. Either way, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game once it hits in a couple of short weeks.

Oh and how can I forget about Adam.

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