Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS and PSP?

It’s time for another one of my speculative articles. This time highlighting a certain controversy brewing within the gaming community, especially the Resident Evil crowd which I myself am a proud member of. We all remember last year when Tretton stood in front of a huge projection screen showing us the one and thus far only image of Resident Evil Portable. That, my friends, was E3 09′. Flash-forward and here we are post-E3 10′ and we have not received any new bit of info on this title. Has it been canceled? Ported? Delayed? Or has it been , like other Resident Evil games have in the past, been taken back to square one? I’ll try my best to answer this.

Now, as aforementioned early on in this article, this is just my theory with a lot of factual back-up. Resident Evil Portable may in fact be Resident Evil Revelations. Now before everyone starts crying foul at this just think about it. Capcom loves to port their games, they just do. They’re also a smart company and knows where the money is ,or will be, at. In this case ,it’s no mystery that the PSP hasn’t sold up to par especially when compared to Nintendo’s, market behemoth, DS and all its available models/colors. So, having Resident Evil portable exclusive on PSP may not be a strong move, financially speaking of course when compared to the potential boost in sales that could be gained if put on the 3DS. But how can Capcom already be certain that the 3DS won’t flop? (trust me it won’t) Well they’re making smart business choices and have studied the firm’s (Nintendo) successes , especially the ones seen by the DS. I mean , don’t get me wrong, there’s a huge Resident Evil fanbase that wants a title to hit the PSP, myself included. So this leads to my theory.

Resident Evil Revelations , a multi-platform title to hit Nintendo’s 3Ds and Sony’s PSP. I honestly wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if this came to fruition. PSP owners can be happy, myself included, that they’ll finally be able to stop going to PS1 classics for their Resident Evil fix and enjoy this promising new entry to the franchise. And of course, 3DS adopters will be able to enjoy the game in all it’s 3D glory. In my opinion, everyone wins.

More info as it surfaces.


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