Bit.Trip Fate announced

As vague as an announcement could be, Nintendo, in their recent press release listing their Q4 line-up, announced Bit.Trip Fate for a Fall release. The fifth game in the amazing Bit.Trip series by Gaijin games. I’ve only played Beat and Runner and man did I have a good time playing those two games. Especially the latter, Bit.Trip Runner is one of my favorite games this year and is worthy of much praise. If Gaijin could continue the magic with Fate then I think we have ourselves an obvious win on our hands. But what gameplay style will it take on to compliment it’s music this time? The title suggests a sense of finality for Commander Video, but who knows. I also read somewhere about a potential compatibility with the Wii Zapper? Should be interesting, more info as it comes and expect a review of Bit.Trip Runner soon!



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